Cool Fever

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i slept for over 13 hours maa!! waaa~~~
pdnla smlm mcm xsdp badan, tgh2 wat report, rs nak pitam2 plak tetiba, plus badan terketar2 sejuk. saje jer check suhu, tup2, tggi jugak suhu!! almost 39°C!
apelagi, telan ubat, minum sebotol air badak, tampal kul fever, tdo (around 9++pm)... kroh3...

woke up around 2 a.m to study, but muri2(impossible)! nak bgn pon xmmpu, then smbg la tdo smpi pkol 10 td!
woke up feeling much better, still hv slight fever but i feel fine, n hopefully today is gonna be a very productive day for me. (productive not shopping-wise aaa, study-wise hockay!) hakhak

di kesempatan ini, saya ingin mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih to mama n abah kerana sanggup memikul berbotol air badak utk anak mereka yg senang + selalu demam ini!! luv u!!

p/s: byk air badak tiruan skrg nieh!! jgn ttipu yerr~~~

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Looong time no write

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wahhh, mmg berhabuk betoila blog nieh...
been busy, or lg tepat, been LAZY to write anything on dis blog since i hv my own private blog. and wats more, i dunno wat to write!! huhu

rutin harian skrg dah berubah, and i really like my rutin harian nowadays, much busier n 'packed'! it just makes me work harder n harder day by day.

and thanks to my dear lyana@norq, she sent me a very important article dat has a lot to do wif me, about me n my sakit dada, yg makin lama makin menjadi2, the article helps me a lot! thanks norq chan! mwah!
and she reminded me to once in a while go to a place where i can clear my mind, a beautiful n peaceful place.

yeah, i've been doing that before, ada dis one lake? pond? xtaulah kan, kat celah2 sawah padi blkg skolah tuh yg i find very nice n peaceful, dat i went to whenever i feel tired n kusut. but it has been months, like 6 months++ maybe, saya lupakan aktiviti merehatkan minda nieh.
so, thanks to norq, i've been reminded about this.
(yela kalo rumah dok ngadap laut ke taman ke hutan ke laenla jgakkan? tenangla jgak bila tgk luar through sliding doors, tp nieh umah ngadap pachinko!! haih, xmembantu lgsg! haha)

owh and yes, my parents came to visit me last winter holiday. i'm sooo happy they were here, jalan2 here n there, shopping2 bagai nak rak, etc!! luv them sooo much!! so sbb xtau nak tulis aper lagi, saya letak jela sket2 gmba ms bjln2 arituh! enjoy! (^.^) where we went to?? i'll story mory later k!!♥♥♥

"Family means putting your arms around each other and being there."

p/s: owh yeah, i changed my blog template again. lol!

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