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combination of pics which created a theme:

love for LOLLIPOPS!!

owhhh...luper plak lollipops sponsored by el's wedding.tenkiu2.hehe

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A VeRy MeRrY dAy

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Yesterday, me n da gurls(noq, mimi, ida, ichi, husna, udda, effa) went to our fwens' wedding.the wed was held at Tmn Tasek was raining heavily yet we were still determined to attend the wedding.even though it was quite a journey (heavy rain, sandal noq putus, susah nak dpt taxi) we finally n 'successfully' arrived in one piece(thank God!)!!haha.wat funny is we actually walked to da wrong part of the Taman at first, where some kind of birthday party was held n the party was, we're kinda confused since it was only 3p.m, but the invitation was until 4pm.besides, normal wedding won't hang balloons around the khemah rite??and yes...we're NOT in the rite, we walked n walked and at last...we found the rite place!!adeihh...pnat jgak plus make-up da separa cair!!but it was worth it since the food was good n we get to chat wif da newly wed couple!well, maybe ader hikmah ktorg tlambat, coz if we arrive earlier than dat, maybe the couple would be very bz bersanding lah, amek gambar, arriving on 3p.m was fine.hee.watching members of our own batch gettin' married was unbelievable.many of us still think we're too young to tie the knot.well, i dunno bout u guys but i too, agree on dat.well, maybe i'm not mature enough yet n still enjoying my life the way it is rite people decides to get married at a young age really amazed me.marriage is about's about da two of u commit to give ur lives to each other for the rest of ur life.but yes, i believe TRUE LOVE leads to a TRUE HAPPINESS, through ups n downs...well, i guess it depends on how u define "young".=)

to el n zai:u guys look great n semoga berbahagia ke anak cucu!wish u guys all da best! =)
to rina n razuan, n my sempai Jon: sorry i couldn't make it, but congratulations n again semoga bbhagia ke anak cucu...aminnn. =)

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i'm counting da days...and only 12 days left b4 i fly back to Japan... isk... isk... sooo sad... dun get me wrong, i mean studying in Japan...even though it's very difficult...i really enjoy my life there.however, being wif my beloved family n cats in my home sweet home is definitely da best!being far from home is absolutely sucks!sometimes i'd even asked myself why did i choose to study abroad...?but thinking dat not everyone got dis opportunity, n i'm among the lucky ones, i know i shud be thankful n i shud work my butt off to do da best dat i cud!i'll be flyin' back to japan on da 3rd of sept, but da school actually will be started on da 1st.hee...saje nak pose kat msia kejap.huu.nway, wats bothering me is dat wif just thinking about my study life there which is sooo tense n hectic makes me soooooo tension.since my dai (univ) stil follows the old edu system, we hv 3, all i can recall of my past semesters were just exams3x!!wuu~wat to do, i mustn't complaint since every student everywhere faces their own difficulties n hardships in their study life...rite?correct me if i'm wrong.i guess dats how life goes on...goin' thru ups n downs...dat's wat life means rite?off 4 now n here's some pics of me n my beloved family.

my parents, akak, n my natchan... parts of my very strong reason to be super homesick.

p/s: sorry for uploading soo many pics.saje lepas geram.hehe =)

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StRaNgE FaCts

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supposed to be sleeping rite now...but i cannot sleep,so i surfed da internet searching on interesting facts...and these wat i've found:

  • on average, 12 newborns will be given to the wrong parents daily.(haaaa..??!!might be da answer 4 some kids who's been wondering y they didn't look a bit like their parents...heh)
  • the phrase "rule of thumb" is derived 4rm an old English law which stated u couldn't beat ur wife wif anything wider than ur thumb.(dis one's kinda funny...take note2)
  • during ur lifetime u'll eat about 60,000 pounds of food, which is the weight of about 6 elephants!!(like...seriously??OMG!!)
  • in space, astronauts couldn't cry properly, becoz there's no gravity, so da tears can't fall down their faces.(i'm imagining the astronauts crying but the tears is floating...cute isnt it??)
  • a normal person laughs about 5 times a day.(take note again:u're NOT a normal person if u're serious all da time)
  • a man says average 4850 words in 24 hours.(4850 sounds a lot rite??but dats ONLY da average...i wonder how much i say in a day...hmm...)
  • Adolf Hitler's mother seriously considered having an abortion but was talked out of it by her doctor.(well, she SHOULD re-consider her decision...heh)
  • Brains r more active sleeping then watching tv.(so, sleep more!!besides, getting enuff sleep leads to a slimmer body k.haha)

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ThAnK U All!!

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it has been 4 days since my last post...thank u to all of u who's commented...i really appreciate it soo much...i never realize how writing a blog n getting such feedbacks CAN really motivates me.thank u all...n i really mean it...i neva felt any better...luv u guys soo much!! not much happened to me these days.hurm...patutnyer rite now da ader kat berjaya times square ronda2 wif pakwan...but last nite got a msg 4rm him sayin dat his mak long passed away.Innalillah.takziah to him. hurm...#blur#...just now i felt like writing but all of sudden i dunno wat to write.haha.okla, can i write about my addiction to make-ups?hmm..yeah, i'm addicted to buying make-ups.being a typical gurl i think.ngeh2.i was planning to go 4 a make-up course by nurol shukor@saper2 dis holiday,but xjd since my sis was super bz!wuu.i dun noe y i'm addicted to these stuffs esp the eyeshadows...maybe becoz i lurveee colours...??yeah...i love the Japan i shared my addiction for make-ups wif my sempai, kak intan.hehe.guess wat's our entertainment while havin' brkfast@lunch@dinner@supper?it's da make-up tutorials kat youtube.haha.after havin those meals we'll search the yahoo auction for wat else??make-up larh.huhu.yabai2.whenever we hv free time, u'll find us in shopping mall trying on all these eyeliners..eyeshadows..mascara...everything lah...
about testers...i'm really grateful there r things such as testers coz whenever we suddenly decide to go bowling or karaoke or rumah saper2 n xsempat nak balik umah to kemas2 worries...there r toners: to freshen up ur skin, moisturizers, foundations, loose powder, lipstick,blah2...and even PERFUMES!!u'll end up PuRrRrFECT!!hee...da ngarut2 da nieh...k la... nieh my mum ajak g mines cr bj raya!! =)
these r some of my collections...

my make-up 'toolbox' csi lak.huhu
eyeshadow nieh 4rm gak colour it 4rm ebay.kinda cheap.

wish list tuk make-up:more mac's n bobbi brown's n stila's. (hopefully...wuu~)

p/s:sape2 nak order eyeshadow ker, kat auction jepun sgtla murah...mac pon murah gle...kalo nak ckpla yer...i bleyh orderkan.hee~happy to help. =)

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hurm...not sleeping yet...i said i was gonna write about Sabah, but not feeling like doing it yet.Now, i'm gonna express my feeling.i'm hating someone.i dunno y i still hate him.but dats da fact, i really hate him.some of u might noe who larh(daa...).i think its because of me lacking my self-esteem, so wat he said to me dulu2 still haunting me till do u feel when a close fwen of u told u dat nobody(as in bf larh kan) wants u becoz u're fat,ugly, etc.then dok hina2 saying dat xkan ader sape nak kat i etc.huh.some of u might grow stronger n feel challenged rite?but not 4 me...i noe it's my prob coz i'm not confident of listening to sumthing like dat juz makes me feel down...then sad...then keep blaming my own self 4 not being pretty enuff...then blaming myself for being fat larh...everything's juz killing me.rite dis very moment even though i hv my pakwan(hee) i still feel da same way.i still feel mcm buruk gemok len2 yg negatif larh.i feel like i must do sumthing to show him dat i CAN be beautiful, i CAN be pretty like every other girl too!! aper dier igt dier tuh ensem sgt ker??a well-mannered guy wont say dat to a me, bg laki sume pompuan have to be perfect for them whilst diorg tuh...?? well, dis might sound a bit dendam larh kan...mmg pon!!some thing CAN be forgiven n NOT forgotten, but dis time it's a lil CANNOT be forgiven n forgotten.well at least not for now.any comments?do feel free to comment k?really need it!!

p/s: any guy reading diz please dont hina2 pompuan k!gemok ker kurus ker, xpenting pon k!!tlgla nilai org melalui hati k!!--nada geram--

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juz got back 4rm SABAH!!hee~Sabah BEST!!sooo beautiful, yet the road there r sooo clean!!nothing like i'd imagined.i wanna write all about my journey to sabah, but rite now i'm soo exhausted...jet lagged kot...wakakak...over giler.haha.but one of the best thing happened to me there was da last day at PASAR FILIPINA, where i met MIMI,my beloved buddy!! juz imagine dlm besar2 msia nieh, i got to meet her in Sabah!!hee..., but sumhow we forgot to take our pic there...huwaa...rugi besarrr!!so...okay,meeting mimi was a gud thing, in fact a great thing, but there's more!!it happens dat mimi's dad is my dad's fwen back when he was studying in itm!!the funny thing n mimi were roommates during AAJ...we've been close fwens for wat...5 years?? tp my dad x pnah notice.heee...diz is wat people call 'KECIKNYER DUNIA NIEH' for now... =)

p/s: to tydyna-->xjadik ker nak gather2 besok? time k?mmuuahh!

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i'm sad...soooo sad...can't say y...but i'm so sad rite now...i was havin' sooo much fun diz evening, yet now i'm's a mixed diz the tears of joy...?or is there sumthin bothering me.i can't tell...sooo confused...='( missin sum1 maybe...?dunno.

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cHe MiR

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juz wanna share pic of my very cute nephew, Amir. =)

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i'm gonna share sumthing i've been having for the last 1 n a half years now, a disease called thyroidism.i'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to medical stuffs but i think there r hypo-thyroidism and i'm having is hyper-thyroidism.
DEFINITION: Overproduction of thyroid hormones by an overactive thyroid.
Some of u might ask...wat is thyroid??well, it's located in front of the neck. The thyroid gland produces the hormones that regulate the body's metabolic rate. When production of the thyroid hormones increases more than it supposed to, hyperthyroidism occurs. The excessive amount of thyroid hormones in the blood increases the body's metabolism, creating both MENTAL and PHYSICAL symptoms.
SYMPTOMS: weight loss with increased appetite, shortness of breaths
and fatigue, intolerance to heat, heart palpitations, increased frequency of bowel movements, weak muscles, tremors, anxiety, difficulty sleeping,irregular menstrual cycles. Some might have goiter or bulging eyes.

A serious form of hyperthyroidism (forgot the name), might have the addition of fever, substantial weakness, extreme restlessness, confusion, emotional swings or psychosis, and even coma.

Well i've experienced most of these symptoms...but i'm still struggling n recovering...Last year,before i discover dat i hv diz disease, i was having so much
trouble focusing in class n even in doing the houseworks.i tend to do sumthing but not finishing it.for example, i was doing the dishes but somehow i feel bored doin' it n decided to do sumthing else.everything was haywire. not to forget i even lost 15kgs of my weight without putting any effort 2 exercise or dieting.haha.deep in my heart i noe there must be sumthin wrong wif my health.Alhamdulillah it's been over a year now n i'm recovering.for those who's having all these weird symptoms juz go n hv a check k?it might turn into sumthin serious if u keep taking all these small symptoms for granted.

p/s: xjd g IKEA coz my abah is sooooo bz.isk...isk... tomorrow perhaps?(shining eyes)

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aiiyaaaa~it's 0332 msia time, but i still couldn't sleep...huwaaa...i hate it when diz happen...cuz i need sleep to be healthy(as in all fresh up to go shopping tomorrow...heee)..still, it's true!!i need to get some sleep coz diz is wat happen when i dun get enuff sleep: oily skin--->acne, unbalanced appetite --->gain weights, and of coz these would contribute to--->LAZINESS meaning lack of desire to perform work which i hate da most!!urghhh~HELP ME!!i've tried counting the stars, the sheep, bla3...but to bad it didnt work 4 me....huwaaa~well, somehow i kinda miss my apato (apartment i guess) in Japan.i've been livin' there 4 almost a year n a half now.i luv spending my time at home( i mean my apato), if there r no activities goin' on...luv spending my time the list goes on...well...take a peek of my's not beautiful or's juz a very comforting place 4 me...(but of course my room in Malaysia is da best!!heee)

Not a very gud angle though...hee...

n kinda messy...sorry...
diz is the corner part of my livin' room...
i'm gonna go n TRY to get some sleep now...wish me luck!!hee...oyasumi(gudnite)!

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i'm enjoying my summer vacation back home in Malaysia rite now.its been one month already n another one month to go...='( since there's only 1 mth left (29 days to be specific), i'm trying my best to live my day to the fullest!!wat do i hv in mind...let's see...LEARN: sew curtains n baju kurung, make bunga dip for hantaran, cook more n more traditional delicacies. HELP: rearranging the furnitures, do all the houseworks. Well, dats the best i can do to ease my mum's burden as a fulltime's very hot here in, me n my mom think we should find a better n 'cooler' place to, wat better place to hangout other than the one n only--->IKEA!!well, we ARE ikea freaks!rite now i'm busy re-decorating my room, so hopefully i'll find many cute, fancy, n pink@purple stuffs!!can't wait for tomorrow!!yay!! =D

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Hi! I dunno y i started diz blog since i'm not into writing at all.heh.So i guess i'm not gonna be an active's juz these days every one of my fwenz owns their own, juz wanna feel wat its like to own one.haha.

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