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still in loq staq, tomaru in holiday villa.
pakwan safely arrived in japan dis morning.
ngade2 nak balik awal, asked him to balik dgn i on da 6th, but wat to do, he has important stuff to do.
miz him a bit lah. hoho. (xbleyh tulih besaq2 satg dier pasan lbeyh) =P
nnti jmpak kat epot na, kita pi usj k?? ngee~ insyaAllah.

nway, eventhough i already been in msia for 3 weeks, i havent eat da durian yet!!
nak makan jgak durian b4 going back!!
have to!! need to!!
nyum2, sedapnye durian.
only by saying the word 'durian' dah meleleh air liur!! haha
pakwan, jgn jeles na i mkn durian nnti (hopefully)!!
mmm... sedapnyeee...
oh durian...
dgn bau yg menggoda...
serta rasa yg mengancam...
enak sekali!!
tgk gmbar nieh, terliur kan??
eventhough ms aaj time duduk kolej 11 dulu pnah badan bengkak2 sbb makan durian, but i still luv durian!!
last but not least,

(pengaruh perhimpunan umno)

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currently in alor setar, kedah, my lovely kampung halaman.
sgt happy dpt jmper tok, cak, pak cak, at, n ayin.
the journey from shah alam took about 5hrs (kot).
i drove halfway sampai bukit merah.
ada reason i agreed to drive.
1) because my dad felt sleepy
2) to ilangkan rasa nervous yg menggila.
ok, why nervous??
because i called my kohai, bachik n my coursemate, lipan, asking their favour to look at my result.
as i stated from my previous posts, the last examination was super-duper important for me.
so, since bachik was kinda busy, lipan willing to help me.
so he told me to call him back on 6p.m nihon time(5pm msia).
mase tuh br 1p.m. so, nervous n saket prot n xleyh tdo pon sbb tlampau panic, lebeyh baik i drive jer. at least i hv something else to focus on. huhu.
at last, kol lipan tepat2 pkoi 5pm.
Alhamdulillah... syukur sgt2...
i expect 1 subjek tuh mmg knpem2 xlepas, then tgk2 Alhamdulillah lah sumer ok.
yoshhhh~new year, new spirit, GAMBARIMASU!! =)

back to my cerita about balik kampung, Alhamdulillah sumer sihat, tok yg xbper sehat aitu pon dah getting much better.
the best part dlm perjlnan balik alor setar nieh, for me, ialah masa lalu2 dkt jelapang padi just before arriving dkt tol masuk alor setar.
luv the feeling mase lalu tempat nieh, brings back all the memories dr kecik smpaila skrg, tringat mase main2 dgn my close cousins, tringat mase nite b4 raya, the preparations and all dat.
juz luv it!!

tomorrow, nak g melawat projek my kazen. heee~
projek dier sgt2la menarik involving cacing. hehe.
till then, daa~

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msia mode

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eyloooo blog!!
lama giler xbkak n tulis blog nieh.
hard disk comp wat hal, then modem tenet rosak plak. aiseymenn...
niehpon sebbek my beloved sis kasik pnjam laptop, leyhla lepak2 kafe dkt umah nieh, ader wifi.
legaaa leyh bkak tenet balik.
nway, smpai msia 8 mac aitu. balik nihon 6 apr.
panas giler msia. bdn agak shock ms br smpi msia aitu. demam2 selesema jgakla.
yela, ms btolak dr kansai suhu dkt sana around 9-10 celcius, smpi2 klia pilot announced suhu kl 33 celcius.
berasap giler pale kuar2 kapal terbang. org2 nihonjin yg same flight pon dok ckp "atsui....atsui..."(panas...panas...) haha.
over je dorg nih, sdgkan summer kt jepon jaoh lg panassss dr msia!!

nway, flight balik msia kali nieh xla boring sgt, selama nih slalu nek flight pegi balik msia sorg2, dis time ader pakwan.
xla boring dok dengar dier merapu. haha

ujung mggu nieh me n my family will be going to a'famosa. v-kay skettt!! =D
thanx to k shima, she's da one planning all dis.
unfortunately pak ngah&mak ngah, and also cak&co xdpt follow dis time.
wuu~ frust gak. tp xpela, hopefully next family vacation sume dpt follow, insyaAllah.

aper lg nak wat n bli eyk while in msia nieh... blur plak...
oh yer, xjmper lg member2 kat msia nieh. bilela agaknye leyh jmper yer... huu~

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welcoming spring holiday =)

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will be going back to Malaysia on dis Sunday.
wanna start doing a wat-to-do list while i'm in Msia.
for example, nak qada' makan aper, nak blajar msk aper, nak tgk wayang puas2, bla3.
cant wait!! =D

as i mentioned in the previous post, i juz finished my final xm.
wat do i usually do after xm??
well, as usual, karaoke-ing, doing some window shopping (cannot shop lah, gotta save money maa), n etc. one of the wajib thing i'll do after xm is rearranging my house furnitures. yeah i often get bored of my furniture arrangement, and i always like to tukar2 my curtains n bedsheet. but my mom already warned me not to buy any more curtains, saying dat i already hv many curtains, unlike other students here where they usually stay on wif da same curtain from da minute they moved in into their house until they graduated. well, everybody has their own interests rite??
compared to be4, rearranging my furnitures dis time took soo much time n effort. okla, here's da reason why. hv many sempai graduating dis month, so byk brg yg dorg nak let go. well well, i'm the kind of person who lurve free stuffs. haha. saper x suke kan?? especially when the thing is free n still in gud shape!! yippie!! so, without doing much thinking, i juz took all the stuffs dat i like, not even considering about the space left in my house dat isnt any big at all. huahuahua...
so, today, my room is like very2 messy maa... siyes, kalah kapal pecah.
juz for today, i specially import a tenaga buruh a.k.a bibik kurg profesional from mie. haha. saper lg if not pakwan.
we started kemas mengemas nieh from early in da morning... he helped a lot!! tp sampai dier balik pon my room xder rupe room lagi!! more like a store than a room. huhu
dis very minute i'm writing dis post pon sbnrnye x abes kemas lagi. tp letih giler, n take 5 kejap.
wanna show u guys the pics of my rumah tunggang terbalik, but unfortunately the pics r in pakwan's camera. nak minx dkt dier skrg, but i'm sure dier dah tdo ternganga dah tuh sbb keletihan, dahle dtg dari jauh. siannn... xsempat msk plak tuh dkt dier. wuu~ gomenne.

oklah, wanna continue my perjuangan mengemas rumah!! yosshhh~

p/s: met my sensei dis evening. i'm happy n grateful. Alhamdulillah.

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saying goodbye

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dah abeh xm...
dunno how i did...
gonna see my sensei tomorrow to find out about my results.

apart from the exam, kinda sayu2 sket today, because my beloved senpai, Wanie left Toyohashi.
left Toyohashi for Iwate, meet up wif her husband there n head back to malaysia on the 20th kot.

aiyooo~ ms slm2 n pelok2 die td, eventhough i tried control macho, depan intan n yus, xdpt jugak thn air mata nih dr jatuh.
sedeyh maa, she's been around me for almost 3 years now.
always support me n help me through rough times.
i remember da 1st time i met her, i was thinking, " wahh, lawanya sempai aku nieh..."
memula kenal i thought of her as kinda garang, but after a while i realized dat she's not that garang, she's more to tegas than garang.
kinda funny because when autumn came, wanie n i happened to stuck in toyohashi doing nothing, compared to everyone else dat already out of toyohashi jln2 cari pasai.
so, it always end up me n wanie spending our autumn holiday together.
met wanie when she was still anak dara-- then became someone's wife-- then now, in a few months time, she'll become a mom!!
to wanie, thank you for everything you've done to me. you've been one of my biggest support here. you r not only juz a senpai to me, you become a friend dats very dear to my heart. i couldnt ask for a better senpai than u n the rest dat i have rite now. i'm sorry if there were times when i was being very2 the mengada kohai. thanks for supplying me the medicines when i'm sick. ;) thank you for all these great years. cant wait to see ur beautiful baby this summer, insyaAllah. again, thank u for taking care of me!! *hugs*
kak wanie, do drop by my house whenever u sent bentou to ur husband yer?? hee~

after dis my other close senpai, intan n yus will also go back to Msia for good...
aiyooo~ they r both my neighbours, of course i'm gonna feel lonely when they're gone.
arghhh couldnt resist thinking about my life after they went back.
how boring will it gonna be?? when i'm bored whose house i'm gonna go?? when i'm feeling hungry who shud i kaco n ngade2 mintak masakkan?? wuu~
hee~ well, cant help being a lil spoiled when i've been pampered by 3 lovely seniors all dis while. plus, not having any junior pompuan under me help me be spoiled a bit more. =P
i noe i might be having hard times adapting to the new life without them by my side.
well, how bad it's gonna be rite.

p/s: Thank God i still have the sanbongi girls+uya, and a new girl student will be joining soon. so i guess i wont be dat bad.

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down sgt2...

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br pas xm denjiki (elektromagnet)...
soklan sensei nieh, memandgkan dier sensei br, mmg kami sume x familiar lgsung dgn soklan2 nyer.
aku rs dah agak down ms wat xm...
pas anta sensei trus bg jawapan...
lagi aku down...
nangis time tuh jugak...
niehla antara subjek yg aku agak konfiden...
kalo aku mmg x berusaha aku xkan kecewa...
aku perlu lepas utk tidak extend lagi...
tp sekrg mcamana...??
sgt risau n sgt2 down...
aku hanya boleh berdoa sj skrg nieh...
cdeyh n frust...
besok ader subjek lg yg bleyh menentukan aku dpt naek@ tak...
subjek besok bg aku sgt susah berbanding yg arini pnya...
risau sgt2...
harap2 bleyh jwb besok...

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