Short update

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Fuhhh fuhhh~~~ (blowing away the dust)
1 year ++, that's how long i abandoned this beloved blog of mine...
Let's recap what have been going on in my life all this while...

1) I got married
- that's not new... hurm... pass! :P

2) The loss
- We loss our beloved grandma and uncle which i still can feel their presence until now. Rest in peace and may Allah grant them the best place in Jannah, amin. Al-Fatihah :'(

3) New Life
- I got a new niece, Sufiyya! She's now 6 mths old, pictures to come later

4) Long Distance Marriage
- After i got married, it has been a commute marriage all the way since then, because hubby was in Perlis and me, living here in Shah Alam. But on 05.10.2013, hubby departed for Japan to continue his PHD there, which means now we are back to LDR like previously. Alhamdulillah thanks to technology, we doesn't really feel that we're far apart, except missing each other's presence physically. And thanks to our experience that we're quite used to this.

5) Resignation
- My last employement date in BASF will be on 31.12.2013 (yes, means i will miss the bonus...sobs)

That's all for now~ またね~

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Solemnization Make-up

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Hi Blog,

Today's entry is about my make-up masa nikah.

I choose Sue Cantik as my MUA for both solemnization and reception.

And i dont regret it at all!

Mula2, i nak ambil Kak Liza, since akak and my cousin Kak Shima ambil Kak Liza ms wedding dorg, and hasilnya amatttla memuaskann!!

But somehow dr awal lg, rs nak amik org MUA lain. I was thinking of a few choices:
- Sue Cantik
- Amy Janz
- Ayangkamell
- Ian Sham
- Kak Liza
- Aleng Tohara
- Eleena Lamat

Then i cut down the list to a few only and asked for quotations. Generally the price is almost the same, plus minus RM100-200 from the average.

All in all, in the end i just follow my heart, and booked Sue Cantik.

I was kind of skeptical, because all along only his assistant, Abg Wan contacted me.
Abg Wan was very nice, and very professional. But i didnt know about Sue Cantik.
So i get the feeling that he's a pro, which is good, but maybe because he's used to have client among the glamour2 and classy2 ppl only, he dont want to contact the lekeh2 one like me?

However, from others' testimonial, i found that he's warm and professional. So i keep my mind positive.

But few weeks before wedding, only then i learned that Sue Cantik do not provide accesories, unlike Kak Liza! (other MUA, i didnt ask, so not sure)

Dang! but xperla... since Mama bought some and Abg Halim (pelamin) can provide some as well.

Finally, the solemnization day came! and kelam kabutnyaaa..... hurmmm (i cerita in another entry lah, too long! haha)

Then around 2:30, i got a call from Abg Wan, diorg dah dkt sampai.

So, i sambutla diorg since suma org xder kat dpn, semua kat dapur, merata2.

My heart was at ease since Sue Cantik approached me first in a very friendly, and very warm way.
Sue is very talkative and cant stop talking on how he adores the seni2 kayu, wallpaper, and etc, and she said that my mom's taste meets his.

So Sue pon mula la mekap, as u know that Sue is indeed a 'he', so he offers to put on gloves, if u want him too.

So Sue starts what he does best, make up and talking. Sue is very funny, and abg Wan as well!

So many stories (and gosip2 artis) they shared, and what can i say, they really make me feel good.

I'm so thankful that Sue is not one kind of MUA that complaint2 and tegur2 ur kulit etc.

Dia only say good things about you, and btul ker tak i dun care, as long as he makes me feel good.

Then came the photographers and videographers, which they happened to know each other well since they always work together for wedding occasions.

So, campur2 dgn budak2 nakal yg suka mengusik Sue and Abg Wan, maka happening sgtla dlm bilik tuh!

Now... balik cerita make-up

1) Sue make up, lgsung xrs mcm dier tgh make up, sbb die mcm raba2 ur muka jer, xmcm tonyoh2 the base, foundations all that.

2) Dia byk guna jari to blend, and sponge of course, for base and contouring.

3) Rs mcm light jer, wpon tebal sbnrnya, maybe because Sue's using a good range of quality products.

4) Main product Sue used for base is Shu Uemura

5) If u're interested in make-up, ask anything, Sue is kind enough to share any technic, and DO's and DON'T's in make-up.

6) For foundation, and make-up, Sue campur2, Mac, Dior, apatah lg.

7) Eye make-up, Sue apply pakai jari jer! hurm... cantik plak tuh, cuma part blending dia pki brush

8) Mmg rs best Sue make-up sebab rs light jer

9) make-up thn lama, and dia ada provide sponge yg disapu bedak utk pengapit touch-up pengantin.

10) Sue's pnye beg make-up penuh 1 LV luggage tuh (tgk rs geram jer...!).siap tggal lg kat bilik i sbb dia dah xder job after make-up i, and siap pesan, kalo nak bukak tgk2 and pakai, pakai jer lah... mak aihh... tp, xkan nak bukak kot kan....

11) Sue respects clients request not to trim the eyebrows. As for my case, before i ckp, Sue dah mentioned that he wont trim my eyebrows. Lega den. Sbb bukan apa, kdg2 i dgr ader yg mintak xnak cukur, but the MUA insist jgak nak cukur, xsyok aa kan...?

From my experience apa yg i boleh simpulkan, ms nak memilih MUA nih:

1) Choose yg mana style of make-up yg u berkenan

2) Check dulu testimonials ex-brides

3) Follow ur heart and instinct

4) Last but not least, i realize that MUA plays a VERY2 important part of ur wedding. Firstly, of course sbb you wanna look the best that day, secondly is they play an important role as mood maker, so in short --> TRY TO FIND A NICE AND WARM ONE!!

So, Alhamdulillah i decided to go with Sue Cantik, overall sgt2 puas hati.

p/s: Sape nak contact no Sue, bleh google or ask me. (^^)

Here are few pics for Solemnization make-up. Reception's will be in the next entry!

Jgn muntah suma muka i! hehe

Siap tlg pkikan kasut rs... Hidup Sue Cantik!! hehe

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Work Transition

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Hello My Blog!!

Long time no write. Last time i wrote was when i felt sooo frustrated and very sad, but thank God this time i want to write, just because i feel like writing, no other reasons.

Alhamdulillah, i got married in a very blissful wedding. Thank you Thank you Thank you dear family members for the support and help. Without ur help the wedding is literally impossible to happen.

Also to my besties, Norq and Mimi, thank you for helping us as well! luv u lots!!

Now, let me talk about my work transition...

I already resigned from my previous company, Rohm, and currently working in BASC (basically the shared service center for BASF in Asia Pac region).

I havent start hands-on job yet, and still undergoing the fuctional trainings.

Too much difference to be compared, either, jobscope-wise or company-wise (broken English, i dun care).

Previous company was a Japan co. and BASF is a German co.

Working environment : totally different. From what i'm seeing, i'm loving my current co's working environment.

Employers: Current co. cares about their employees more. Lots of benefits and rewards. Still early to say this, but from what i see, at least when there r so many benefits and self-enhancement you can gain from your work, at least you dont feel like u're doing the works for others. x rs mcm kuli sgt la...

Jobscope: Different but similar in a way. Same: Dealing with customer. Different: I dont have to go out to customers anymore. Lost my flexi time to sggah2 rumah or bank ms kerje or *cough*window shopping*cough*... hihi

Now about Rohm...(btw i really miss Rohm)
Previous job needs me to go here and there to meet customer, 平均的にonly 30% of my daily working time spent at the office, doing paperworks and stuffs. So, at the end of the day, i never feel bored since i dont even have time to feel bored! haha and of course resulted to physical and mental exhaust. And dont even start to talk about stress... what do u assume u'll feel if you often get calls tgh2 malam, and pg2 buta? Also, on the Hari Raya? Calls from customer marah2, jerit2 and kutuk2 you. And having your fiance (at that time) came all the way from jauh2 just to spent the weekend helping u collecting stocks from forwarders and delivering them to customers.

But now i can say that it was all great experience. (Tp time tuh and lps2 tuh keje dok ngutuk jer sbb bengang! haha)

Whatever it is i'm very proud of myself since i gain so many acquaintances and so many experiences handling different problems. At first i was very very tough. But after that i really start enjoying my work.
In Rohm as well, since our office only consists of  20 ppl, we have great understanding and work very well with each other. Entering a company where 80% of the staffs are Chinese, i felt very skeptical, "will they be okay with me?" "will they accept me as their new salesperson?" "can they give good cooperation?" " will they bear with me since i'm new?" "will they willing to teach me?"

The answer is "YES", a big YES. They are somehow very helpful, and very caring. i really love my colleagues there. of course in a beautiful flower garden, there's gonna be ulat2 right? But ulat2 aside, everyone is very nice. (i miss them... T_T)

About BASC...
Will have to wait for few months first, then only i can give my thoughts on colleagues and my work! (^^)

Hopefully, i will enjoy this environment and job! Aminn...

Think i will start writing again from now on... hihi...

Since i'm still in a newly-wed mood (eventhough it has been 2++ mths), i'm gonna paste my wed pic at the end of this post.

Please bear with me! haha

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i'm back, and this time for good!!

Alhamdulillah, graduated on 23rd March 2011!!
So skrg, bz job hunting, moga2 dpt kerja yg bersesuaian, aminnnn~
doakan saya dpt kerja cpt yer!!

tembam desyou!! haih, yabai2, ダイエットしないとね。。。

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x sukanya menyusahkan org... huwaa... x suka... x suka...
rs berslhnya..... xtau nak ckp cmna... T_T
nih yg x suka bila pnjam brg org... sob3... dou shiyou.....

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kenkyu + diet

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uhuk2~ bersawang gila blog chan~ wuuu
oh yer, dah tamat dah kenkyu and slamat dah final presentation on the 20th of dec aitu.
skrg tgh internship kat NTT atsugi, kanagawa prefecture, near tokyo.

byknyer nak citer, tp dah dkt pkol 2 pg! yabai, klo xtdo skrg tkt bsok letih/nebou.
syakaijin (konon) ni natte kara, plg lambat tdo pon pkol 11.30, nih dah tlebih time sgt dah nih... hehe

brt skrg sgtttt yabai... naek byk giler akibat stress kenkyu + exam yg byk giler arituh...
then igt dah stat internship bleyhla nak dietto, tup2 dtg cnie, mkn pnya la sdp, pastuh ramai mmber plak kat cnie... everyweek kluar... biler kluar sah2 makan best2~

plus, dah malas giler nak workout skrg...

sob3... (T_T)

tips anyone?? please...

makan3!! ottoke..... (T_T)

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in the middle siapkan abstract utk thesis... ketandusan idea... usha2 blog kwn2, ada plak kne tag.

lama dah xlyn tagged game nih, tp demi kohai bernama nigou nih saya watla jgak... wpon dah pnah wat sblm nih... haha... bleyh jgak smbil2 release tension...

25 things u shud know bout me...

aish... saya pon xtau sgt psl diri sndri, so saya campur adukkan dgn apa yg org len pnah ckp psl saya...

1- Fullname: Nur Aisha binti Abd Kadir... sila lihat ejaan 'Aisha' tuh... bukan aisyah or aishah ok??

2- anak bongsu, tp slalu mmpunyai keinginan nk rs jadi anak sulung. cam best sbb dpt kuasa veto dlm adik beradik. muahahaha

3- hati lembut kot, and agak penyayang. muahahaha~

4- akibat ringan mulut, slalu ckp tanpa berpikir... (slalu menyesal di kemudian hari..... tp susah nak ubah =( ) mesti byk org yg terguris dgn kata2 sy, minx maaf yer sbb slalu ckp tanpa berfikir, xder niat nak saketkan hati pon.

5- parents ckp saya sentimental (sbb senang ckp i luv u, i'm sorry kot...)
ms form 2,3 ntah i suddenly feel that i should show my gratitude towards people more. ms awal2 nak berubah jadik open mcmnih mmg malu, sbb saya x biasa ckp mushy2 cmtuh, but i definitely hv no regrets with the change i decided to make. mcm bila parents dtg melwt i will say, "thank u na sbb mai melwt isha...thank u for dis, for dat", and i'll never forget to say i love you to my family and if anything i did wrong i'll say "mintak ampun/maaf na... bla3..." igt lg ms dkt2 nak mombusho xm, i got into fight with my sis, not her fault, it was all me, sbb tgh stress so pi lps geram kat akak... i remember as i got back to um, xsenang duduk nak study sume, so i sent her a i'm sorry text... and why i behaved like that...
i simply believe dat when u love someone, tell them, and when u feel thankful, thank them... and if anything u did wrong, apologize to them. because... we'll never know if we ever have the chance to say that to them later. so say it now, or u'll regret it.

6- drama queen (tp skrg my niece, mayya yg amik alih title tuh... hikhik)

7- antara perangai yg nak ubah, ialah xnak bising... tiap kali ader keramaian, sblm pegi dah set mind, "ok, harini nak senyap sket..." tp xpnah jadik... bkn aper, rs mcm gedik pon ader... tp excited kot biler jmpa ramai org...hoho

8- low self esteem

9- org ckp saya lurus bendul

10- org ckp sy mudah bergaul, tp saya rs tidak. pemalu jgak kot, sbb slalu ketandusan idea biler bborak dgn org2 yg bukan kwn rapat.

11- cpt menggelabah, kalut. sempai dulu pggil sy 'aisha kabut'.

12- ramai igt sy high maintenance, tp slh sama sekalik. cuci muka sy pon harga ¥800 shj, and xpnah own handbag spt coach dsb. yg brand perfume shj, and mekap sebiji dua.

13- manja, sensitif, emo jgak kdg2

14- muka merah bila malu

15- hantu reality shows, tv series, nestum, and cereal

16- family comes first, sbb tuh rather than spending time with fwens, i prefer being at home wif my family... bukan aper... family saya kecik jer.

17- xpnah tdo x mengigau (note: sy amik wudhuk sblm tdo), testimonial rakan2 n keluarga, saya slalu berckp n ketawa ms tdo.

18- slalu saket, esp perot yg teramat sensitif. tiap2 bulan plak xsah kalo xdemam. supplement?? ohh byk sekali... tiap2 hari sy telan... nak wat cmna, dugaan... Alhamdulillah

19- senang terpengaruh, mudah terpedaya

20- bila skali saket hati, susah nak lupa smpai bila2, wpon cuba nak lupa

21- suka bsendirian bila down, xsehat

22- suka doraibu sorg2, smbil psg lagu and menyanyi sorg2... kimochi ii~

23- kwn2 ckp sy mulut manis, tp sy rs x, sbb slalu ckp apa dlm kepala, wpon kdg x straight forward sgt.

24- cpt tersentuh. xbleyh and xnak tgk cerita yg melibatkan binatang. kalo happy2 xpela, tp kebykan cdeyh jer... smpai skrg menyesal tgk wyg citer 'i am legend' sbb xthn sgt part anjing dia mati atas riba dia tuh... start dr situ smpai habes sy menangis teresak2... safwan sblh sy dok tgelak2... cet...

25- mmg setiap org dilahirkan dgn keunikan and kelebihan tersendiri, sbb tuh sy senang admire org. bleyh ckp suma org yg sy knal sy admire. kagum dgn sume org~ wuhuu~

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abah demam... abah jrg saket/dmm, so biler skali dmm trok lah jgak... risau nih...

nihla reason why i wanna finished my study a.s.a.p, now that akak is living in Jeddah, i just wanna go back to malaysia quickly, and look after my parents.
plus compared to akak, i'm the who has been away from home for a long time, so i feel useless and helpless that i cant look after them well.
my heart sank when i heard abah and mama went to the hosp all by themselves, with abah driving eventhough he's not feeling well.
i wanna be there for them.....
mama and abah are always like, "xdak apa2 pon... dun worry lah... ok ja..." but..... yelah kan, sure as anak kita rs xsedap jgak kan??

Ya Allah please let me pass all my exams and do well in my final presentation...
please, please, please...

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