nak kurus!!

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ok, i want to lose a few kilos.
my weight now is xx and i'd like to shed a few kilos to ##.
i weighed ## before going back to msia for spring holiday.
so, basically i want to shed the mamak2 fat, fast food fat, minyak2, n santan2 fat. hoho
mmg dah prepare dah for dis (gaining weight), because my other main purpose of going back, other than seeing my family n friends, is to aperlagi, makan lah.
i actually wanted to achieve my target weight by dis Golden Week.
yelah, because i'm seeing my beloved frens after a while a jmper. of course i want to look good n presentable. (wah wah)
tp mcm xsempat jer. mmg muri. hoho.
i wanna lose around 3-->4-->5 kilos!!
wah2, 5 sounds so extreme lah plak, so dats y i'm making da scale of 3 to 5.
first2 target 3 dulu... then aim for 4 plak... and after dat 5!! yes 5!!
(wpon aku rase 5 tuh agak impossible...hoho)
i want to lose the kilos by the end of May.
my main target sebenarnyer is not to be kurus keding mcm model2 xckp makan tuh.
kalo bleh nak la ala2 solid n ber'shape' lah. fuiyooo~
for example like scarlett johansson@shakira@holly valance ker.
nampak cam smart n mantap aa~ hohoho
bleyh kanaaa...
nway, to my friends yg sama2 nak nak lose weight, here's a few myths n facts on losing weight.

Myth 1: Skip Meals utk diet
Facts: xbleyh2. sbbnye nanti kalo skip lunch for example, u tend to take ur dinner in a large consumption. xpon nnti dok makan2 snack. aper2 pon yg plg penting is ur breakfast!! becoz ur body needs a certain amount of calories and nutrients each day in order to work properly!!

Myth 2: Eating after 8 p.m. causes weight gain.
Facts: aku pon tatau plak mende nieh myths. but it's stated dat xkesah pkol brapa nak mkn yg penting is how much u eat during da whole day n how much exercise u get yg menentukan anda gain@lose weight. No matter when you eat your meals, your body will store extra calories as fat. If you want to have a snack before bedtime, make sure that you first think about how many calories you have already eaten that day. haaa... kira2 lah kalori mknan anda!!

Myth 3: Dairy products are fattening and unhealthy.
Facts: Dairy products have many nutrients your body needs. Plus, it has calcium (for bones) n vitamin D (utk build muscles for example).

Myth 4: badan kiter ader satu limit berat yg menghalang kiter lose weight.
Facts: i've been there... it was when i reached dis certain weight, i hardly shed any kilos for a while. bukan ader satu limit rupernye... dis is wat happen...

#Because muscle weighs more than fat, the scale may show the same weight even while exercise works its magic, subtracting inches from your waistline.
#Because a lighter person burns fewer calories during exercise, as you drop pounds your weight loss may slow.

byk lagi myths n facts in dieting. but my main focus r these 4.

basically here's wat we should do:
*Eat lots of fruits and vegetables
*Favor whole grains over highly processed cereals
*Consider eat red meat an occasional treat
*Don’t eat any more than your body needs

ooh yer, a reminder, dont be fooled!! low fat foods could still mean a lot of calories!!

kawan2 yg juga sedang berusaha, GAMBAROU!! =D

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i was soooo looking forward to having some fun this evening...
for some reason it didnt really happen...
but it's ok... maybe some other time.
i find myself always trying to forget, to deny dis feeling.
i'm always telling myself "u're fine lah... it's nothing lah... not a big deal lah..." etc.
yeah... but da reality is u never knew how much somebody means to you until they're not by your side anymore.
trying to be tough... trying to not think about it too much...
today, i finally confessed to myself how much i miss having them in my daily life.
today, i realize dat everybody already has somebody for themselves.
i kinda feel empty without them by my side.
wish u guys r still here.
dont take dis the wrong way. i luv living in dis community.
but i know dis is wat they call 'berdikari' rite??
either way i have find my own way to survive.
anyway, of feeling sad n kinda homesick, i went for jog, or should i say, 'sanpo' (jalan2) at a nearby park. trying to clear my mind n gain back my strength.
felt a lil better.
but yeah, i do miss 'em.
i guess i'm still adapting.


p/s: rasa cam nak wat makan2 onna jer... wat d'ya say guys?? hoho.

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dear car...

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saturday-- went to toyota take da car dat i just bought.
my old car, which i shared wif my three seniors da abes shaken.
my seniors pon dah balik msia. so, b4 they went back, we discussed n kinda decided to buang kereta tuh biler da abes shaken. lgpon da lama n ader kekurgn sane cnie. nak jual n tuka name pon kne pikir byk kali thinking of da cost utk perbaik sume2 tuh.

so the shaken oficially expired on the 25th of Apr. went to get my newly bought car on da same day. i had mix feeling of sad + relief.

relief because i dun have to think about how to go to school after my old car's insurance hv expired. (of cos lah bas ader tp very2 lah expensive!!)
sad n rasa bersalah, because i hv to let go of da old car. i was kinda rs bersalah, thinking of wat my old car would feel. like, " cdeyhnyer tuan aku nak buang aku... dah beli kete baru, ader pengganti aku... ".

it's hard n sad for me to throw away a pencil... just imagine how hard it is for me to throw away a CAR??!!

i kept thinking dat i hurt my old car's feelings. takut dier rase x dihargai etc.
so, these past few days, i'm trying hard to think positive.
talked about dis to Safwan n he said, " xpa la... dia (keta) pon rasa bangga dpt berkhidmat dkt awak n sempai2. lgpon dia pon dah lama dah tuh... dah penat dah..."
cried about dis while talking to my mum on da phone and she said the same, " xpa... memangla sedeyh... xpala... anggap la mcm dia pon nak kena rehat dah tuh... nnti b4 buang ckpla thank u suma2 kat dia. lgpon ms buang part2 yg elok depa akan simpan..."

masa last time bawak kete tuh pon, i cried along da way.
adeih... cdeyhnyer...
well anyway... here r pics of my previous car n the new one.
it's the same type juz different version.
new one got turbo. wohoooo~

to my old car:
thank you for making our lives better n easier to commute to anywhere!!
u've been great n berjasa sgt2!!
tolong angkut not only us, but also others' stuffs like tv, washing machine, etc ms pindah2.
thanks for these great years, and now, it's time for you to rest after all your hardwork.
luv u n gonna miss u!! =`(

the car dat berjasa sooo muchh!! tq!!

wif my new car, korekara yoroshiku ne~

wif both cars

wuu~ sdeyh2... sob sob...
feel like crying, again...

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Falling Slowly

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i used to listen to dis song back then.
it's from the movie ' once '.
i hardly remember dis song, until last two weeks, when kris allen sang it on american idol.
and again, i fall in love wif dis song.
(note: this song earned an oscar for best original song. well-deserved.)

Falling Slowly
(by Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova)

I don't know you
But I want you
All the more for that
Words fall through me
And always fool me
And I can't react

And games that never amount
To more than they're meant
Will play themselves out

Take this sinking boat and point it home
We've still got time
Raise your hopeful voice you have a choice
You've made it now

Falling slowly
eyes that know me
And I can't go back

Moods that take me and erase me
And I'm painted black
You have suffered enough
And warred with yourself
It's time that you won

Take this sinking boat and point it home
We've still got time
Raise your hopeful voice you had a choice
You've made it now
Take this sinking boat and point it home
We've still got time
Raise your hopeful voice you had a choice
You've made it now
Falling slowly
sing your melody
I'll sing along

luv the meaning of the lyrics... =)
also, check out kris allen's version. great cover.
luv kris and all his songs arrangement. =D

ooh-k, i made the kris allen's version as dis blog's background song. enjoy yar!!

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lame x apdet blog nieh.
kehidupan skrg agak shocking disebabkan tahun lepas kelas2 i terlampau sikit.

maka tahun ini i teramatlah !shock! dgn keadaan yg teramat busy.
lagi2 minggu nieh, dgn panic nak jikken (lab) lagi, busy report lg.
and mggu nieh plak byk urusan2 yg perlu disettlekan.
urusan apakah?!
juz wait n see~ ;)
oh yer, utk menambah sket seri di blog ini yg agak kusam dgn tiada entry2 n gambar2 baru, i letakla gambar2 dr some aktiviti baru2 nieh.
douzo... goran kudasai~ =)
1) hanami kuj : di meijyou koen, nagoya. b4 balik toyo, sempat singgah lg di godiva chocolate, minum choc blendednyer yg sememangnya masyukkkk!!

2) hanami toyohashi: setelah lama x jmper warga2 toyohashi, berkumpullah kami di apita koen (nama tmn xtaulah). ader sesi perkenalan warga2 baru toyohashi. welkam2!! =)

me n bon in da same theme.pic of toyohashi members... smile all!! =D

p/s: selit gambar scandal sket... ekekeke~=P

3) picnic wif mr Safwan: Pakwan@panjang dipaksa dtg utk membantu i mempomen computer. walhal a day b4 dat, i da bjaya mempomen. tp disebabkan dier dah plan nak dtg, so dtglah dier. (pomen computer konon, sbnrnyer windu kat aku ler tuh!! ekekek)
kami masak2 nasi lemak, n terasa cam nak g picnic. picnic agak kurg lengkap sbb xder dessert. wuu~ tp tujuan sebenar kami pon just nak nonbiri2, lepak2 amik gmbar. (note: aktiviti wajib bile kuar outing ngan pakwan.)
rs cam nak ayu sket, so i decided nak pki maxi. terasa jgaklah ayu n sopan2 sket hari tuh. hohoho

yes, it was a fine day.
at da end of the day, after picnic, we end up at softbank, getting ourselves new handphones!!

yer, i da tuka my sharp to---> iPhone!! yay!!

ader mix feeling jgaklah ms nak tuka hp coz, byk kenangan dgn hp lama tuh... yerlah dah pki 2thn lbeyh dah... sob2 jgaklah.

but iPhone... YEAH!! =D (smiling ear to ear)

till then...(xtaulah when is the 'then') hoho

sekian, terima kasih.

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lidah lembu

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my kohai ajak makan umah dier, dier nak msk lidah lembu ngan air asam(kot).
warui kedo, tpaksa tolak...
pernah ke korang rs lidah lembu??
rata2 cakap sedappp.
kohai aku ajak gak rs lidah lembu, "dah ptg2, xnampak rupa lidah dah la!!" datte.
tp, aku tringat tgk amazing race season bper ntah, dorg tpaksa mkn lidah lembu sono mama.
the image of it... euwwww... ms dorg ajak mkn ader gakla pasaan nak rs, tp tbygkan image tersebut... oh nooo~
cannot go lah.
gomenne kohai. pasni msk jgn luper ajak 'KAK AISHA' makan lg yer. ekekeke.

was thinking, rugi x kalo x rs lidah lembu...
then i found dis...

"Beef tongue is literally the tounge of a cow . The human consumption of beef tongue dates back to the days of Paleolithic hunters, who preferred the fatty portions of the carcass including tongues, as well as organs, brains, feet, and marrow. Beef tongue is very high in fat, at almost 75% of its calories derived....."

ooo, very high in fat rupe2nye... xperlah, eloklah aku tolak pon, utk aku yg br nak start diet n workout balik nih~

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went to nagoya for hanami yesterday.
then today, again, i'm going for hanami wif bdak2 toyohashi.
i think ktorg cam tlambat hanami coz sakura dah x mankai dah. da tumbuh2 daun sume.

ok, wat i hate about going for hanami, or other events...
the preparation.
the preparation means not the masak2 stuffs.
it is the 'wat to wear' thing.
i always confuse of wat to wear, especially when i gained dis much weight while in msia, n not feeling comfortable wif myself.
everything i wear seems sooo wrong.
i'm in da middle of deciding wat to wear rite now.
dou shiyou.
it's much easier if i'm in msia rite now, coz i can juz wear bj kurung, which is da type of clothes dat i'm most comfortable in.
aiyaaa~ susahnya mau pilih baju.
isk isk isk

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seni hiburan

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never write on dunia hiburan tanahair kiter.
dis time rase cam nk tulis pasal 1,2 isu2 dunia hiburan skrg.
bukan la part2 serious, sekadar part2 gosip jer.

was watching previous episodes of melodi dat i missed mase dkt msia aitu, i tertarik dgn mmg rs hangat tetapi at da same time rase bosan dgn kes pelakon lelaki n pelakon wanita berdua nih. dlm melodi tuh, seandainye korg xtgk, ader lah seorg pakcik nih mengakui sbg slh seorg drpd penduduk dkt2 pejabat pelakon laki niehla, ckp psgn nih wpon da kena tgkap khlawat, tp smpai skrg still same jer, minah tuh dok pegi pejabat laki tuh tiap2 mlm jer. xberubah pon.

hint2 yg melodi bg mmg amat terang, jelas n nyata lah kan. i rase n org len pon rase nih mesti NH n M nieh.

xtaulah kan kalo2 dorg bdua nih da kawen, Wallahualam.

tp sbnrnye yg i nk tulis nih pasal NH n M ms dorg kne tgkap khalwat dulu.
dorg nih dah wat menda salah kan, n mmg kontroversi habeslah, sbb si NH nieh ader bini, bini dok ngandung lg dorg start ader affair.
dasat2... mmg kontroversi giler.
lepas jer si minah bernama M nieh keluar dr 'tempat persembunyiannye' slps kne tangkap tuh, kecohla msuk tv, interview sume.
muka depan majalah, toksah ckpla suma muker M, xpon NH, xpon gambar berdua romantik2 gitu.
si M nieh plak pendtg baru, bleyh plak dpt byk giler tawaran blakon filem2 n drama2.
i pon konfius... kalo dulu artis kne tgkap khalwat, kene gam lah, xpon mmg akan ala2 diboikot lah.
besenye dulu kalo dah kne tgkap khalwat, sure artis tuh akan menghilangkan diri, blakon drama pon mcm ader xder jer.
tp nih... berbeda sekali keadaannyee!!
i was thinking lah kan, mcmana dorg nak learn the lesson, sbb wpon dorg wat slh, income n offer makin bertambah2, majalah pon berebut n amik dorg jd cover!!
bleyh plak ader seorg pengarah nih komen, dier ckp nak amik minah M nieh jadik heroin film dier sbb M nih tgh hot skrg, lawa n muda plak tuh.
rasionalnye, org2 yg wat slh cmnieh ptt diajar, tetapi sbliknya, ramai yg pentingkan n mengejar cerita2 dr mereka bersua utk menguntungkan majalah n film msg2.
xrase ker nnti artis2 muda len pon pk, "alah kantoi pon xper, x efek pon, lagi femes aderlah."
maybe xder yg pk mcm tuh, sekadar pendpt i shj.
xperlah... rezeki diorg kot.
aperla pasaan si bekas bini NH agaknye ek...

then pasal AF plak.
overall, season nih bleyhla dikatakan okey, berbanding season lepas.
but eventhough they're a lot better than the contestants of the previous season, i cant help but to compare them wif the oiam 3 contestants.
nak wat cana sbb dua2 berlangsung dlm masa yg sama.
all i can say from their perfomance jaooh sgt beza...
yelah kan, rata2 peserta AF nih yg di'reject' from oiam.
tp xpela, overall kire bleyh thnlah, kire pendek citer sume bleyhla nyanyi.
tp yg i xberkenan nieh, dorg tetiba nak tuka format lak.
yakni tenaga2 pengajar bleyh mambidas komen2 dr pengkritik right after dorg komen.
nieh yg i kurg berkenan sket lah...
ms pengkritik tgh bg komen, tenaga2 pengajar sibuk berbisik2 mcm ala2 gossip girl plak dorg nieh.
bg i tuh bg impression yg kurg menyenangkan, sbb nampak mcm x pay attention lgsung dkt komen2.
then after komen pengkritik plak, tenaga2 pengajar yg tgh berhati panas nih, akan defend plak, kalo dorg x puas ati.
i rasa cam x sesuai lah sbb apa gunanye pengkritik kalo bukan utk mengkritik, kan??
y dun respect those comments, n kalo x puas ati pon blkg citer lah.
nieh biler cmnieh, pelajar2 AF pon syoklah ader cikgu2 back-up dorg, kang jadik manja plak.
elokla dpt komen2 yg agak tough so dat dorg nih bleyh maju n membina diri lagi.
nih pengkritik pon dah jadi serba slh nak bg kritikan membina, nak kene jaga ati tenaga pengajar lagi...
senang2, cikgu2 jer yg jadik pengkritik.

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a friend

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been busy all day long, since i stepped in my apato dis morning.
i was kinda shocked for things dats all over my apartment, things r not mine obviously.
i figured out they're my sempai's stuffs left for me.
thank u, i only took a part since there's not enough space in my house for those things.
so, kinda tired n exhausted kemas2 those brg, some to buang, n some to give my new kohai(s).
smpai mlm lah jgak...
after dat, antar pakwan pegi eki plak.
then anta2 brg2 yg member2 pesan plak.
agak tired lah kan.

then dah balik rehat2 depan computer, i online lah ym, slama nih online pon sentiasa invi.
dis time saje jer x invi.
so, aderlah member2 yg tego borak2 a bit.
tetibe ader sorg member nieh tego i.
i was kinda suprised because i always thought he dun remember me, eventhough we were kinda gud fwens back in um.
not close, but gud lah.
panjang jgakla chatting dgn dier.
it's a great feeling to noe dat someone u didnt expect to remember u at all, is actually still remember u!!
did lots of cathing ups.
reminded me a lot about his character ms aaj dulu.
he didnt get a good impression from us students at first, but he surely caught our attention though with his trademark, which i thought as "mencapub giler nak mampos!!"
then he always say wats on his mind, which sometime unnecessary, n not appropriate.
i thought he was weird, really weird.
but as i get to know him, sbb kebetulan ader klas yg same, turned out he is actually normal, typical guy. haha
and finally i figured out da reason y he was a lil weird.
because he's not used to being in dat kind of surrounding in aaj.
his malay language was quite trok lah, he can speak well, of cos lah, bcos he's malay.
but he never get malay jokes, he never understand the pepatah, the kesimpulan bhs, apatah lg bahasa2 berbunga nieh.
if da lecturers cracked up malay jokes during class, i always get a msg from him rite after class, "aisha, apa sensei ckp tadik?? aku xpaham lgsung!!"
so i hv to explain to him one by one until he understand.
well, during da 2nd year in aaj, me n my fwens all thought he has changed a lot.
seems like he finally get malay jokes n etc2.
good for him. hee~
lawak plak biler igt pasal dier nieh... =D
and oh yeah, he did keep his mencapub trademark smpai habes aaj. haha

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skrg kat kansai dah~
siyesly flight cpt giler.
da journey from msia only took about 5 1/2 hours only.
arrived kansai at 6.20 a.m goro. hayai jyan?!
Alhamdulillah, i'd say the flight went quit well compared to my previous flights.
dis time, no turbulence at all.
(dats y smpai awal kot, or they hv new route) huhu

gonna miz home soo much!!

manelah pakcik nih... cptla smpai... huu~

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