kesah bulan

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saya tgk kawan2 sy yg LDR nieh cam best jer...

aitu norq chan pon ckp yg sama, then saya tertgk fesbuk member saya pon dier bg the exact ayat kat gf dier.
berikut ialah ayat sweet mereka:

"awak, awak cuba tgk bulan kat luar tuh... saya pon tgh tgk bulan yang sama... =) "

auww sweet bukan... kira nak menunjukkan sbnrnya xla jauh mana distance between them, since they're looking at the same moon...

berikut ialah ayat mr.S kpd saya,

" awak... awak tgh tgk berita tv3 yer? kiter tgh tgk berita yg sama! =) "

bg mr. S nieh lg tepat utk menunjukkan kami nih sbnrnye dkt jer, sbb dua2 tgh tgk berita Malaysia katanya!

hahaha... aduhaiii...

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Long time no post

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puhh puhh puhh... (tiup2 habuk kat blog yg dah bersawang nieh)
been long time since i last post an entry.
i've been using tumblr, since it's much easier to navigate through my i-phone.
not gonna publish my tumblr url here, kalo nk tgk msg me through fesbuk yer. (mcm ader je yg nk tgk) haha

i've been busy lately, busy enough that i almost forget my own birthday.

so, first and foremost,

and HAPPY 24TH BIRTHDAY TO ME!! haha (18th May)

Natchan pon dah 4 thn dah, rs mcm br jer dpt natchan, besar tapak tgn jer mula2 dulu, skrg dah jadik anak teruna yg kacak bergaya dah!! hehe
me, dah 24 thn dah rupenyer... funny i still feel like i'm younger. haha.
but looking around, with kohai keep coming, from year to year, i realize how senior i am. rsnya si A nieh mcm br jer dtg toyohashi, tup2 dah 3rd year dah. minna wakai ne... T_T

to toyohashi-ans, insyaAllah kalo dpt scholar saya wat makan2 yer. skrg mintak mahapla, keadaan kewangan xmengizinkan... ='(


- busy
- i need money (since i havent got my scholarship yet, and i'm almost sure my application has been rejected)

- kinda feel down lately, with my 10 subjects' final xm approaching, wif my research, and my grandma is not feeling well.
- i wish i can go back to see my grandma... T_T


- wif us being in a LDR (long distance relationship) for the 1st time, i'd say we're doing well, very much happy, Alhamdulillah.(^^) was kinda rough for the 1st week though, since he hadnt settle down and etc.

- kinda miss him though. huu~
- i know he's working really hard, kocchi mo gambaru yo!! (^o^)


- dah dpt tema for lab research, "食品の透過光画像の観察", me and my friend, genta-kun, apply for the same
research, both under "食品の遺物検出", we both got in, but tajuk laen2.
- the only problem is, we both under 1 sempai, so our sempai, Lee-kun, will have to divide his time wisely to help us with our research.

- wat worries me is that this is a new research, so there r soo many problems to be solved here and there.
- as i stated before in my previous post, i still have subjects to pass, unlike others who only have 1,2 subjects left. i have like, tons of subjects.
- but thankfully, i have so many helpful friends and seniors around me, and whenever my sensei saw me reading and researching on lasers (yes, i'm working with lasers), he will ask me to stop reading about the research and ask me to just focus on my many subjects first. he's great, but his assistant tak bagi muka sangatla... hehe

- watever it is, and watever will be, i'm just gonna strive towards success and just do my best, watever it'll take. for wat i know, watever gonna happen in the future, i dont want to have any regrets. what ever the outcome then, i just wanna make sure dat i'll be able to look back and tell to myself, "i tried and did my very best!"


- was not doing fine last week, been having chest pain for 4~5 days in a row.

- blacked out 4,5 times last week and heartbeat laju gila!!

- often happen when i'm stressed out.
- called home, talked to my family, told them that i'm kinda down, and then i felt much better.

- safwan told me not to push myself too hard, and said i should take a rest. and i did. i took 1 and a half day off from books and notes. (since my lab held a beach party on saturday) hehe

skolah sgt cantik lately nieh, penuh bunga kuning yg tumbuh secara liar, siap ada pakcik2 cameraman dtg dok amik2 gmba dgn camera2 besar mereka. bunga apakah? xpenah perasan plak sepanjang 4thn kat sini...cantik sgt ciptaan Allah, Subhanallah. tension2 kat lab, bila tgk bunga2 nieh rs tenang sgt~ Thank You Allah. (^^)
(mintak maaf for the pic quality, amik pki hp jer, huhu)

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