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Hello My Blog!!

Long time no write. Last time i wrote was when i felt sooo frustrated and very sad, but thank God this time i want to write, just because i feel like writing, no other reasons.

Alhamdulillah, i got married in a very blissful wedding. Thank you Thank you Thank you dear family members for the support and help. Without ur help the wedding is literally impossible to happen.

Also to my besties, Norq and Mimi, thank you for helping us as well! luv u lots!!

Now, let me talk about my work transition...

I already resigned from my previous company, Rohm, and currently working in BASC (basically the shared service center for BASF in Asia Pac region).

I havent start hands-on job yet, and still undergoing the fuctional trainings.

Too much difference to be compared, either, jobscope-wise or company-wise (broken English, i dun care).

Previous company was a Japan co. and BASF is a German co.

Working environment : totally different. From what i'm seeing, i'm loving my current co's working environment.

Employers: Current co. cares about their employees more. Lots of benefits and rewards. Still early to say this, but from what i see, at least when there r so many benefits and self-enhancement you can gain from your work, at least you dont feel like u're doing the works for others. x rs mcm kuli sgt la...

Jobscope: Different but similar in a way. Same: Dealing with customer. Different: I dont have to go out to customers anymore. Lost my flexi time to sggah2 rumah or bank ms kerje or *cough*window shopping*cough*... hihi

Now about Rohm...(btw i really miss Rohm)
Previous job needs me to go here and there to meet customer, 平均的にonly 30% of my daily working time spent at the office, doing paperworks and stuffs. So, at the end of the day, i never feel bored since i dont even have time to feel bored! haha and of course resulted to physical and mental exhaust. And dont even start to talk about stress... what do u assume u'll feel if you often get calls tgh2 malam, and pg2 buta? Also, on the Hari Raya? Calls from customer marah2, jerit2 and kutuk2 you. And having your fiance (at that time) came all the way from jauh2 just to spent the weekend helping u collecting stocks from forwarders and delivering them to customers.

But now i can say that it was all great experience. (Tp time tuh and lps2 tuh keje dok ngutuk jer sbb bengang! haha)

Whatever it is i'm very proud of myself since i gain so many acquaintances and so many experiences handling different problems. At first i was very very tough. But after that i really start enjoying my work.
In Rohm as well, since our office only consists of  20 ppl, we have great understanding and work very well with each other. Entering a company where 80% of the staffs are Chinese, i felt very skeptical, "will they be okay with me?" "will they accept me as their new salesperson?" "can they give good cooperation?" " will they bear with me since i'm new?" "will they willing to teach me?"

The answer is "YES", a big YES. They are somehow very helpful, and very caring. i really love my colleagues there. of course in a beautiful flower garden, there's gonna be ulat2 right? But ulat2 aside, everyone is very nice. (i miss them... T_T)

About BASC...
Will have to wait for few months first, then only i can give my thoughts on colleagues and my work! (^^)

Hopefully, i will enjoy this environment and job! Aminn...

Think i will start writing again from now on... hihi...

Since i'm still in a newly-wed mood (eventhough it has been 2++ mths), i'm gonna paste my wed pic at the end of this post.

Please bear with me! haha


  1. ☆*♥L@dy @yU♥*☆

    auwww so suwitttt
    selamat pengatin baru to both of u
    moga kekal hingga ke jannah IA @.@

    June 5, 2012 at 10:14 AM

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